6 décembre 2015

Cité Universitaire Internationale, Fondation Lâpotre-Biermans

7, Boulevard Jourdan, 75014 PARIS

WORKSHOP – 12h-13h30

HANDMADE WIG – Hosted in English by Vertales, Moscow

Description: How to make a glued removable wig for a doll? 

Vertales will show how to do it on one of her dolls and will provide round blanks as a base to make a wig size of Vertales’s dolls heads

Price for each participant: 12€

Material to be provided by the participants: Scissors and a small box or book (about 10-12 cm long)

Minimum number of participants: 4

Vertales will provide materials as glue (white glue and UHU power), transparent film, cloth tissues and everything for the base of a wig and natural fur in different colours (the provided amount of fur will fit doll head about 8cm or 3,2 inches)

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